Sunday, May 23, 2010

ArtHaus (San Francisco) widens the bridge between art and design

Last year ArtHaus introduced “the FINE ART OF DESIGNers”, an exhibition featuring visual art from some of the Bay Area’s most accomplished interior designers. The roster included; Gioi Tran /Applegate Tran Interiors, Katherine Bloodworth/ Wheeler Design Group, Kevin Hackett/Siol Studios, Candace Barnes/Candace Barnes Home and Steve Henry/BAMO. To complete the exhibition, Lawanna Endonino/Lawanna Cathleen Design created a lavish nod to film noir with her Collector’s Salon in the Project Gallery at ArtHaus. Here she incorporated furnishings and accessories from the San Francisco Design Center with select works from the ArtHaus Collection. The show was a benefit for Philanthropy By Design.

This month, in further support of Art and Design, Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home collaborates with ArtHaus to present “RED, WHITE and BLUE-TIFUL”. Here a selection of lush, bold colors compliment the works of Carolyn Meyer, Ricardo Carbajal Moss, Gioi Tran and Jeffery Ketcham. The show opened in celebration of the Sacramento Street ArtWalk, and continues through June 25th.

“Designer/Artist, Tracey Kessler was a major inspiration for “the FINE ART OF DESIGNers” at ArtHaus”, says Gallerist James Bacchi. “Her process is extremely interesting; venturing from interiors to lighting design, then on to two dimensional abstraction as a launching pad for textile design.”

JakHOME is currently hosting SCREENPRINTS 2010 by Tracey Kessler. The pairing is outstanding.

Val Fiscalini, Val Fiscalini Designs, is featuring oil on plaster on wood paintings by ArtHaus Gallery Artist Marc Lambrechts in her YOUNG INGENUE SUITE at the Marin Designer Showcase.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Francisco Decorator Showcase

My gorgeous friend, Ilonka has graciously invited me to a private viewing of the SF Decorator Showcase in mid-May - but I was chomping at the bit and couldn't resist a quick peek yesterday! I really didn't take it all in, so am very pleased to be having a second viewing. Thanks Ilonka! Here are my favourites so far.

Will Wick's dreamy bedroom - the thought that went into making this space is just - WOW.... from the art work, the handwritten letters in a bundle tied with string, the portraits, the bedding, the bed!!! The Moroccan hanging lamp and the chair suspended from the ceiling.... I LOVE it:

De Meza + Architects + Interiors did a spectacular job in this bathroom - loved the tiles which read "Don't forget to wash behind your ears":

Philpotts & Associates did a breathtaking cozy retreat - the colours and use of materials was knock-out:

There was also a side balcony which was so private and had stunning views (loved the orange chairs too):

Val Fiscalini's ebony and ivory bathroom was stunning:
Last, but certainly not least, Benjamin Dhong's "Aerie" was sexy and smoky.... lots tactile fabrics and so calming:

The Showcase is located at 3450 Washington Street, San Francisco
from May 1st until May 31st

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was really pleased to hear that the British graffiti artist, Banksy has left his mark in San Francisco, specifically Chinatown and the Mission. He's been a mysterious superstar in London for many years, some of his work is owned by the likes of Brad & Angelina and Christine Aguilera. These stars are willing to pay hundreds of thousands to own his work!

The Mail on Sunday did an investigation to try and out him - they claim he is 34 year old Robin Gunningham from Bristol, England but the artist's agent, Steve Lazarides, denied the reports.

He's a hugely influential character with strong political views which he shows in both his drawings and his quotes - he's a couple of my favourites:

"Some people become cops because they want to make the world a
better place. Some people become vandals because they want to
make the world a better looking place."

"A lot of mothers will do anything for their children,
except let them be themselves."

Finally, Thierry Guetta, a French filmmaker living in Los Angeles tracked Banksy down and has made a short film on him. I cannot wait to see it and get a little more insight into this artists' mind. It's called "Exit Through the Gift Shop".


Valencia Street:
Some of Banksy's art:

Banksy's graffeti - London:

New York: