Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Birthday wishes

It's my husband and my son's birthday today - isn't that amazing? After giving my husband the "best birthday present ever" 11 years ago, it's kind of hard to top!

This is where my friend, James Bacchi, came to the rescue. I had the pleasure of meeting James last year at the Icons of Design, Millenium Towers where his gallery, ArtHaus, provided stunning pieces for the entryway. We hit it off straight away and I feel so proud that we now have the start of a mini collection of our own.

When I was a young girl working in Mayfair, I was so intimidated by the art galleries of Bond Street and Jermyn Street, I'd peer through their windows instead. This is not the case with ArtHaus. The space is so warm and inviting. I had called James and said I wanted to purchase a small piece, I arrived the next day at the gallery and James, knowing my taste already, had pulled a number of paintings for me to view. I was made to feel like royalty and my budget wasn't laughed at!!

Just take a look at the piece I chose:

El Nino by Carolyn Meyer, 1995

Here are a few of the beautiful pieces currently on show. I have my eye on this fabulous painting by Kenney Mencher - I'm sure if the majority of us look through our parents or grandparents photo albums then we would find something similar:

Adam Kurtzman's sexy Kewpie:
Another of my favourite artists: Marc Lambrechts:

More stunning paintings by Carolyn Meyer:

Pamela Dernham's "Pink Ladies":

Currently on exhibition at ArtHaus: The Backyard by Chris Schiavo:

James and I
Fred, from the HR Dept., dealing with two young customers!

For further information please contact:
James Bacchi
411 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel. 415-977-0223