Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introducing Katie M Dahl - an amazing Bay Area artist....

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie over a year ago, we hadn't caught up in a while, so I was thrilled to bump into her the other day and, to my delight, she has an upcoming exhibition. So I had to share!

Here are some of Katie's latest paintings:

And here are some of her amazing photographs:

Eager to see more? Then please check out Katie's website:
Or even better, go along to her exhibition:
Verb: to move out or away from something and come into view
Showing Sept 28th-Oct 31st, 2009 @ Old Crow, Oakland

Opening Friday, Oct 7th
Hosted by Old Crow featuring
Word Of Mouth Soundsystem
From 5pm til late
BBQ, refreshments & dancing

Monday, July 27, 2009

A splash of colour

I was leafing through Canadian House & Home and came across this fabulous mix of colours. Aren't they great?

I've said it before, but I really do like wallpaper - imagine having a client who is daring enough to use this..... the orange chairs are a great addition too:

If you don't add pattern with wallpaper, how about the rug:

I like the way the designer has added the dark hue on the wall and then still goes for a strikingingly bold rug.... and take a look at that cheeky yellow side table:

I'm not convinced this would be the most relaxing room to hang out in but it sure adds a punch:

I like the subtle colours in this room. Very chic but still colourful:

Look at the wallpaper and the blue splashes of the lamp and chair:

The door colour and rug really add a crispness to this space:

The red lamps and the bold graphic chairs really work well together here:

The painted red dresser is a bold touch but it works with the curtains and blanket at the bottom of the bed. I like the large mirror and over-sized vase too:

The brown sofa and chairs ground the space but the pink silk pillows with the blossom design and the soft shaded rug work nicely with the lucite cocktail table which disappears into the space:
The purple sofa is a little daring but paired with all the accessories it looks very much at home and inviting. Again, notice the lucite table:
It's hard to really see the wallpaper to the left of the photo but it is very loud - the table and chairs seem to calm the space and add a touch of glamour:

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gorgeous bedrooms

I'm in the process of finishing off my current client's master bedroom. It's a palette of charcoal greys, chocolate browns, sea spray and a tiny splash of red (photos to follow).... but it got me thinking about how other designers decorate their rooms. Here are a few of my favourites. Let me know which ones you like the best:

I have to say, my favourites are the ones with hot pink in them! But then you knew that!!
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