Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to make rooms look bigger

I have always been a fan of using over-sized furniture in rooms. Many people think it will take away from the space, but I think it adds more depth and therefore seems to give added space!

I came across an article in Metropolitan Home (on-line version) and Michael Lassell feels the same:

"The rooms we see in magazines generally share a spaciousness that far exceeds the confines of the rooms many of us inhabit. There are, however, tried and true ways of making smaller spaces look bigger, from keeping the palette light and neutral, to limiting clutter and keeping the floor plan open. The furniture you choose is important, too, so if you want to make a room look roomier than it is, go for furniture that is reflective or transparent".

"Everyone knows that a mirror will make a room look bigger, but mirrored walls are considered passé. A nice alternative is the customizable Anichini mirror, designed by Vicente Wolf to lean up against a wall".

"Mirror doesn’t have to be limited to walls; it looks great on furniture, too, giving the impression that the piece is not really there at all, as in this Chicago dining room by Douglas Levine, where a custom buffet stands in front of a wall where paned mirror on the wall reflects French doors".

"Furniture you can see right through manages to present a ghost-like impression, like Kartell’s injected polycarbonate Louis Ghost chair. One of a series of chairs, it was designed by Philippe Starck, a man who has had his wicked way with both mirror-finished metal and clear plastic furniture".

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