Saturday, July 11, 2009

Found.... a new photographer

I want to be the first to tell you about an up and coming photographer here in San Francisco..... Look at her latest photos.... they are vintage style:

Castro Street

Bay Bridge thru side mirror

Bay Bridge

Cable car on Market Street

City Hall, Polk Street, San Francisco

Grace Cathedral

Cable cars on California Street

Trans-American Pyramid

Bay Bridge

Robot on Broadway

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge towers I'll let you into a secret. These were taken by my 8 year old daughter! She has been an avid photographer for the last 3 years... she is in heaven when taking photos.
Imagine this - my current client has 8 of her photos, framed, gallery style in his penthouse apartment. HOW cool is that???

I am very proud.

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  1. What beautiful photographs! My mom and I were blown away when you said it was your 8 year old daughter...good for her! Keep up the amazing work :)