Saturday, July 4, 2009

Modern By Design, San Francisco

My daughter, Jade and I went to see the Modern By Design House in Pacific Heights this morning. We thoroughly enjoyed it and were very spoilt as, it being July 4th, no one else was really touring. The house is at 2201 Baker Street - interestingly enough it used to be a guest house - which were very popular after World War II. Apparently, our beautiful city had many of these high quality establishments. They weren't for tourists though - they were full of young professionals.

We really enjoyed reading about its history - but we were even more amazed when we met Bob Wilkens. He had actually lived in the house from 1957 until 1958. It was so lovely to hear his stories. He told us about initially sharing a room with a stranger and because their work schedules we so busy, they would leave notes on one anothers pillows. Turns out, the two guys are still the best of friends. Bob told us how they would have delicious meals prepared for them by the owner - breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wanted!!! Bob said there were equal amounts of males and females and the inevitable happened and there were many liaisons and future marriages! How fun is that?
Here's a picture of Jade, Bob and me!

I will post pictures of the interior of the house later..... just wanted you to meet Bob!

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