Friday, July 10, 2009

Tom Dixon by George Smith

I adore British contemporary designers; Tom Dixon and David Begg. They have worked their reinventive magic on these wing chairs by exaggerating the height and curves of the classic original. This particular wing chair is covered in black velvet.

Launched in September 2008, Tom Dixon by George Smith is a contemporary British upholstery brand that unites quality traditional manufacturing techniques and contemporary design. Bringing together two iconic brands the partnership illustrates that British manufacturing and innovation are still alive today.

The collaboration challenges the method of manufacturing contemporary shapes, pushing the boundaries, to develop an innovative product of the finest quality. Resolutely British; with all products made in the George Smith factory in Newcastle and designed by Tom Dixon, the partnership underlines the capabilities of British manufacturing and design.

The collection celebrates the traditions of British upholstered furniture with each piece hand made by George Smith using long established techniques practiced for over 250 years. Skilled craftsmen, including generations of the same family, employ the use of traditional skills such as joinery, hand sewing and upholstery. These skills are kept alive through an apprenticeship scheme which ensures the knowledge and techniques are passed down from generation to generation supporting the British industry.

The construction of each piece uses many materials from renewable sources; with frames made of wood from sustainable forests, and the main body fillings upholstered with natural ingredients including natural cotton, feather, and boar bristle.

Club sofa and chair:
Bean sofa with straight legs:

Justice chair in green velvet:
Plump sofa:

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