Monday, June 24, 2013

The CHOSEN ONES exhibit - San Francisco Design Week

Firstly, I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging all that much....  thanks to the wonderful real estate market here in San Francisco and the Bay Area, my staging business has been crazy busy and my interior design clients are keeping me on my toes too!  It's fun having the two businesses - with design it takes time to get to know your client, make decisions, mull over budgets, purchase orders, lead times, etc., and then we start to see results.  Whereas with staging it's instant - we can stage a home in about a day and have it look smart, sophisticated and beautifully curated!

As Summer unfolds and the kids are off to their various camps, I'm finding myself slowing down a little and trying to take advantage of a more laid back approach in our house and enjoy getting out and about.

This week starts the 2013 San Francisco Design Week where lots of lovely events are going on...  but there's one in particular I'm proud to be involved in: ArtHaus' The CHOSEN ONES exhibit AND we were mentioned in California Home & Design Magazine:

Here's the press release that explains the exhibition -

17 Bay Area Designers illustrate THE FINE ART OF DESIGN with ArtHaus Gallery and Guest Artists.  Featured Designers: Bonnie Mcgregor, Matthew Leverone, Kendall Wilkinson, Ashley Roi Jenkins, Valerie Wills, Jeff Schlarb, Lizette Bruckstein, Frank Van Duerm, Arthur McLaughlin, Brian Dittmar, Tim Latta, Kathy Bloodworth, Cecilia Sagrera and George Brazil, Jona Collins, Jacques Saint Dizier and Lawanna Cathleen Endonino.

Featured Artists: Jeffery Katcham, Serena Bocchino, Rex Ray, Kanney Mencher, Gioi Tran, Jhina Alvarado, Greg Drasler, Maxine Solomon, Brain Blood, Suzanne Benton, Carolyn Meyer, Franc D'Ambrosio, Matthew Frederick and Marc Lambrechts.

Here I am with my design and Kenney's work:

If you're in San Francisco before June 28th, stop by and see the exhibition at:
411 Brannan Street
San Francisco
Contact James Bacchi for more details 415-977-0223