Monday, July 13, 2009


I am currently working on an entire home design - it's a gorgeous project as my client is very open to suggestions, but he also know what he wants.... so it's fun finding new things, proposing them and actually executing the ideas.... love that! I often think that hallways or foyers are overlooked - I see the hallway/foyer as a room. It shouldn't be left out at all.

As previously mentioned, we are making my current clients' hallway into an art gallery (see some of the photos below) and using gorgeous sepia photos of San Francisco. We have eight in total and I'm going to hang them, aligned from the bottom... kind of gallery style. I don't have much room for furniture - unfortunately - but take a look at these lovely rooms.

I love the detail in the mirror and the cabinet below and look how the colour matches:

The steel grey stripped wallpaper and furniture is very simple but add a touch of glamour here. I really like the symmetry of the pictures and chairs at either side of the console and mirror:

Again, symmetry, right down to the star mirrors near the ceiling. Love the front door and the stained glass windows too:

The chair offset reminds me of the post I did earlier this week - the high backed chair is stunning in black and I really like the use of the oversized bowl on the table:

Look at the beautiful chinese ginger jars.... stunning..... also the seagrass on the stairs makes this home elegant but casual too:

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  1. The Steel Gray Striped Wallpaper is stunning and you are right, gives a very glamorous look. The mirror in the first picture is so fun and I would love to have that hanging in my living room. Love the room with the bell jar and over sized table. Just gorgeous!!