Monday, September 28, 2009


I absolutely love to entertain. I also love to cook. I find it therapeutic - deciding what we're going to eat and drink, thinking about timing and then the best treat: dressing the table. I like to have enough cutlery and glasses... gone are my student days when we'd have to wash the knives and forks after the first course!!! I tend to use oversized white plates and clear glasses, paired with crisp linen napkins.

One of the nicest parties I ever went to was my lovely friend Alicia's 30th birthday party. She hired long tables and we ate outside in her garden in Kensington.... it was just like being in Provence. The food was delish too.

Take a look at these lovely table displays for inspiration:

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  1. Table seating are so pretty and love all the colored cocktail glasses. yummy colors.