Monday, December 7, 2009

Alameda Antiques Market (Dec 09)

Laura, Jade and I braved the cold yesterday and ventured over the Bay Bridge to Alameda's Antiques market. We had a great day. There were lots of stalls full of fabulous finds. I loved these wooden sculptured spheres. I think they would make amazing chandeliers - unfortunately they were sold:

Lucite office chairs - quite funky:

This card table with little pull-outs for your drink was a steal - just needs some TLC:

Great mirrors for sale:

Gorgeous mix of upholstered chairs and wooden tables at this stall:

This was a metal console - would look fabulous in a loft:

Metal table:
Tinsel Christmas tree against the blue, blue sky:

We were just leaving the market and wondered what a small crowd were looking at. It was Eddie Ross - how cool:


  1. How fun! Unfortunately we do not have markets of that sort here in Tampa. I can't believe you ran into Eddie Ross, too funny. It's a small, small world;)


  2. looks like so much fun... would love to be able to go more often... a bit difficult from seattle! x pam

  3. Hi Valerie- Thank you for all the fun photos - I didn't make it to Alameda yesterday so it was delightful to enjoy the show from the comfort of my home! And how cool that you saw Eddie Ross! It really is a small world..Robin

  4. I'm SO jealous!! I miss my flea market hunts back in California. So far the flea markets I've been to here in AZ are all Sham-Wows and tube socks. I crack up at the stir that Eddie Ross causes- Too funny!!

  5. Hi Valerie,
    So great meeting you at Alameda. Such a coincidence: you and I both taking a pic of Eddie Ross. So funny to see all the people following him around. An acquaintance of mine was on that tour and having Eddie over for cocktails later. I was jealous! Your post is great! Hope to see you at the next one. From one Bay Area blogger to another....--Delores