Monday, September 20, 2010

Night and day at Jema al Fnaa

With my guide book in hand, I was told to head for the heart of Marrakech and find Jema al Fnaa which is the main square and it's HUGE! By day it's a dried fruit and spices market, empty spaces are filled with locals trying to tell stories (give them more money and they will continue their story), snake charmers and the odd monkey doing tricks.

We took a photo of this guy and his monkey and before we knew it, he was hounding us for money!!

If you look closely, there's a tiny chipmunk rounding up the snakes! The snake charmers kept trying to wrap snakes around our necks!!!

As the sun was setting, the daily stall holders headed home.....

... and the night market started to take shape:

In what seemed like seconds - the food stalls were up and running. There was so much smoke from the BBQs and noise from the stall holders shouting that their stall was the best:

We settled at a table and felt like Anthony Bourdain..... here are the small plates we ordered AND we didn't get sick... although the next day we went to lunch at a fancy restaurant and that evening I got terribly sick - which lasted for well over 3 weeks!!!!

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