Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greek keys

My love for keys started many years ago when my friend, Alicia and I, went to the Greek Island of Kos. I seem to remember our hotel was on a terribly noisy street - full of bars and discos.... we were working long hours in London and had decided to have a quiet, peaceful holiday - so much for that!

So, we pooled our money together and hired a car to "get out of dodge". Alicia was the designated driver, as she is such a well travelled lady and has driven all over the world (unlike moi)! While most of the party-going people from our hotel and surrounding neighbourhood were snoozing off their hangovers, we drove up hill and down dale and discovered all kinds of interesting villages and places. It was on one of these visits that we found a tiny antique shop where I bought my first keys. The dealer had a basket full of them but as my funds were limited I could only afford two! Here they are:

I've noticed that there are a lot of stores selling keys nowadays.

These white coated keys are cute:

I think this old hotel key holder would look fabulous as a piece of art:

I like the industrial look too:

Instant art or table decoration. I like to place old keys on top of books too!

It's also said that keys are lucky: Three keys worn together are said to unlock the doors of 1) wealth, 2) health, 3) love. The ancient Greeks used one key as a symbol for knowledge and life. A gold and silver key crossed is a papal emblem of authority and translates to mean the "keys to the kingdom of heaven."

I was also lucky this Christmas as one of my gifts from my Mum was a key necklace - don't you love the piece of jade (one of my daughter's names too!) and the little heart attached?

Wishing everyone a lucky New Year!

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  1. What a fascinating post, Val! I was always drawn to keys too. Although I don't have any besides the keys to the doors I have to open daily. Maybe I should start buying some for fun.