Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter (and an English treat)

I was thinking about celebrating Easter in the UK when I was little.... I always had a new frock and if Mum had the time, I'd get a brand spanking new knitted cardigan to match! Some shiny sandals and lily white socks! The mantlepiece would be covered in chocolate easter eggs from Aunts and Uncles, Gran and Grandad and parents! It was a fab time.

So I was looking at photos to post and came across these... which also reminds me of a very old English tradition.... soft boiled eggs and toast soldiers. That's what we called them! I'm sure it was a ploy by some parent trying to get their kid to eat "that's right, dip your toast solider into your egg honey"..... In the UK we have these for breakfast all the time and sometimes if you're a little sick you might get some for tea as they are nice and light.

So delicious! I cook my eggs for 4 minutes egg-actly (silly joke - sorry!) and while they are boiling you put the bread in the toaster, then butter the toast and cut into thin stripes (soldiers).

My kids still call them "dip dips".....

Enjoy with lots of English breakfast tea!

Happy Easter!

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  1. Love them, and thank you for a tradition shared.