Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mirror, mirror

I always use lots of mirrors in my designs. Not only do they reflect the light, but they essentially add another window to your room. There are so many to choose from too. I particularly like Venetian mirros - I used this one a couple of years ago in a hallway and it looked amazing:

More glamerous Venetian mirrors:

Three mirrors together look wonderful and add a sculptural element:

This time the mirrors are placed down the wall - look how dramatic they look with the dark paint colour:

Round mirrors look so good above a console or a fireplace:

I placed this floor mirror in my client's living room. It made the light bounce around the room. I also placed a silver floor lamp to the left and in the evening, when the lights were dimmed, it looked very romantic:

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  1. the first mirror in this post is amazing! i would love to see how it looks integrated with the space.