Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SF Design Week favourites

I had so much fun last week at the San Francisco Design Center's Design Week.  My lovely and talented friend, Nicola Chipps (founder of British Best and All The Rest blog) and I managed to cover most of the events.  We even carved out a little time for lunch at my favourite restaurant in the design district - Skool AND guess who was sitting next to us??  Jonathan Adler!!!  Yup!!!  So much fun.  

Another highlight was actually meeting Jeffrey Marks at the Palecek event....  here's a snapshot of the three of us.  ArtHaus gallery owner James Bacchi calls us Absolutely Designers (well, Nicola and I are British, darling!):

Jeffrey, Valerie and Nicola at the wonderful Palecek event

Speaking of James....  we also spent time at the Modern Fever event which was lots of fun.  Modern Fever and ArtHaus are also collaborating on five new designs in limited edition, based on paintings by acclaimed artist, singer and actor - Franc D'Ambrosio.  This event will debut on March 20th.  Here's a sneak peek:

From Above, 8’x10’, hand knotted, hand spun Tibetan wool and silk
According to ArtHaus Gallerists James Bacchi and Annette Schutz, “The ArtHaus FLOOR SHOW COLLECTION is an exciting addition to a roster of past and upcoming Fine Art/Design collaborations. Working with Modern Fever and Gallery Artist Franc D’Ambrosio to create this collection is quite special".

Oasis, 8’x10’, hand knotted, hand spun Tibetan wool and silk

Franc D’Ambrosio’s first solo exhibition, THE PAINTER, at ArtHaus captured the attention of collectors, designers and art critics. Select paintings from this exhibition were acquired for private and corporate collections world wide. THE PAINTER was featured on ABC-7 News, the San Francisco Chronicle, Art Business News, ArtSlant and Stages Magazine.  His unusual technique of deconstructing acrylic on canvas by applying the force of water between layers of acrylic and oils produces a texturized surface that is surprisingly beautiful and smooth to the touch.

Spring, 8’x10’, hand knotted, hand spun Tibetan wool and silk

In celebration of Spring, Modern Fever will introduce the ArtHaus FLOOR SHOW COLLECTION at their San Francisco Design Center, Galleria Showroom on Wednesday evening, March 20th, 2013, 5:00pm-8:00pm. A by-invitation-only cocktail reception will feature an exhibition of the painting that inspired the collection, and a special, live performance by Franc D’Ambrosio.

Waling with the Angels

The Clearing, 8’x10’, hand knotted,
hand spun Tibetan wool and silk

For further information contact:
Modern Fever

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