Friday, February 19, 2010

Living room inspirations

I'm always looking for ideas and came across these truly inspirational living rooms. Currently working on a couple of projects and feel myself veering towards monochromatic colour palettes but incorporating splashes of colour either with fabric or accessories.

The use of yellow in the chair and cushions really makes the beige walls and window treatments come alive:

The only pattern here is really in the blind:

The dark blue wall shows off the mobile beautifully:

Look at the amazing fabric on this chair and the hints of red:

The screen and cushion add a hint of pattern:

This room is nearly all cream - walls and sofa but the one cushion really ties everything together:

All black and white but the patterned chair and cushions add interest and help the eye settle around the room:

Stripes and florals in this beige and cream room:

The books add interest and colour in this reading nook:

Asian influences and the subtly patterned screen and cushions:

The cushions and ottoman look amazing in this pale cream room:

Grey and white room with a hint of yellow in the patterned cushion. I really like the pom poms on the curtain edge:

Touches of blue:

Pink and purple splashes:

The black shiny paint effect is stunning:

The only colour here is the curtains:

The sofa colour, cushions and artwork all add interest:

All photos courtesty of the fabulous British Homes & Gardens:


  1. That black and white with the patterned chair is really quite stunning.. and i"m not a big fan of black & white! But I also love the lime/chartreuse in that last photo. Nice selection!

  2. A lot of inspiring images!Thank you!
    My favorite is the image with the bookcase in the beige and creme interior!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Great ways to use pattern. Thanks for some really beautiful images!

  4. Love the navy walls and the use of yellow.

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