Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seeing red

As we enter the Chinese New Year there seems to be lots of red around our City - red enevelopes and cards, etc. It got me thinking that I actually use red in my designs too!

In this Victorian home, I designed the built in cabinets at either side of the fireplace. There are closed in cupboards below and open shelving above. I had my carpenter spray paint the back of the cabinets in a deep red, this really compliments the stripe in the sofas and the curtains:

To hide the flat screen TV and all of the components, I used a red lacquered Chinese wedding cupboard:

This bedroom has lots of smoky greys - upholstered charcoal grey headboard, lighter grey bedding and the rug, so the red leather stool with steel x-frame adds a pop of colour (and what you can't see is the amazing view out of the window of the Golden Gate Bridge):

In this office, my client was hesitant to go for this lucite red lamp but once I placed it, he loved it:

Same office space - the square red rug fits so perfectly in this room and the swirl of brown ties in the desk:

And I wonder where I get my inspiration!!!!! England, of course:

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  1. Love your blog!
    Philip Bewley (Therien and Studio Workshops)