Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I used to be a monochromatic type of girl.... but recently I've been introducing more and more colour or maybe it's my clients who are requesting it!! But I'm loving it... just take a look at these inspirational photos.

The fabric on this sofa is amazing and the drapes with the bobble trim really accentuate the colours:

I would never have suggested this colour combination - but strangely enough it works. I like the use of vertical stripes on the bed and the diagonal stripes on the drapes:

Creative use of wallpaper by taking it up and over the ceiling:

Seems to me that the red stripes on the wall mimics the stripes on the chairs:

The pops of orange and pink really highlight the wall colour (or is it vice-versa?):

Lots of colour here - there's the purple sofa, brown and pink rug, eggplant walls and multi-coloured pillows.... if you read about the colours you probably wouldn't let your designer go ahead with the scheme but seeing it finished - it just works:

The fabric used for the roman blinds and seat covers is bold, as is the wall colour but as it is used sparingly it's not overbearing:

The orange chairs finish off this room perfectly:

A designer after my own heart with this London inspired room and nice use of bold colours:

Photos courtesy of http://www.housetohome.co.uk/


  1. Yay for color! It's definitely the right season for it!

  2. great post! i LOVE that striped bed. xoxo

  3. Love splashes of color! Large stripes are so much fun too!

  4. Oh wow these photos really are so very inspirational, totally brightened my day right up thanks for posting!

  5. beautiful post.... gotta love those brits!