Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White wedding

My gorgeous and elegant European friend, Ilonka asked if I would do the flowers for her wedding in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago. What an honor!

The day before the wedding I went to the flower market. I was SO nervous and a little intimidated. I now can imagine how clients feel when I take them to the Design Center.... I just didn't know what I was doing!!! I wandered around a little to get my bearings and finally found a fabulous business with a fantastic owner who really liked my English accent!!

I knew I wanted to use all white flowers, like freshly fallen snow, the finest of lace or the drama of a wedding dress, the singular beauty of white flowers is simplicity itself. They are elegant and sophisticated.

We left the City at noon to head up to Tahoe. I had imagined a leisurely drive, a long bath, taking my time to do my makeup, etc.... but no, as the time went by I got nervous about getting to the venue, the flowers were still in buckets and the vases empty! We finally got there at 4.15pm.... the restaurant was open and I got to work - here I am - relieved that we made it in time! Notice the glass of wine to calm my nerves:

Here are the table decorations - I also bought the glass vases. The smell of the antique roses, the freesias and the eucalyptus was amazing:
My inspiration:

Congratulations to Ilonka and Scott! Love you guys x


  1. Those table decorations, and all the flowers, are so beautiful! What a very fun task!!!

  2. Beautiful. Great work, Valerie!

  3. The perfect flowers contributed most handsomely to a perfectly elegant event! Bravo!

  4. next-door-neighborMarch 31, 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Val, you are very talented!

  5. White flowers are my favorite (and I grew up in a florist, so it's safe to say I was exposed to a lot of flowers :)) The arrangements look great. I think I would have opted to drink straight from the wine bottle to calm my nerves :) The images of the cala lilies are amazing. Many of the photos are truly stunning. xo