Monday, April 5, 2010

Books, books, books

I've been obsessed with design books for a long time now! When I first moved to London and got my own place, cash was tight... so I joined a design book club and that's when it all began!

It doesn't just stop at design books though.... my parents have a holiday home in Wales in the North West of England and I absolutely love shopping there... the little Welsh villages are packed with antique and vintage stores and lots and lots of book shops. I always come back with some beautiful old books:
I inherited my Grandmother's hymn and prayer books which are so sweet (just like she was!):

In my kitchen, I have two bookshelves packed with cookbooks:
I really like Hugh Johnston's wine books:
Then there's all my travel books:

Lastly, lots of classics picked up in Cambridge, England:


  1. Thanks for sharing. I am jealous of your design book collection!!

  2. My mom and I love finding new books and going through old ones too!