Friday, October 29, 2010

A visit to SF Design Center

I've just started working with the nicest couple ever, which makes my job a breeze. We are currently working on their living room and dining room, which is being painted and wallpapered as I type! Their two daughters, Samantha and Victoria, are also enjoying the whole design process and when they saw my presentation they said that they can't wait for me to start on their bedroom. How cute is that? So with that in mind, I thought I would take my two new clients to the Design Center to get their input. I also brought along my kids too!

Outside the Design Center
Back row, L to R: Samantha, Jade and Daniel
Front row, L to R: Emily and Victoria

First of all we headed to Osborne & Little, as it's one of my all time favourites and reminds me of my days in London when I would head to their store on the Kings Road most weekends.

As you can see, the kids got straight to it and knew exactly which fabrics they liked.... they even wrote the codes on their sheets in order to get samples.

Daniel decided his room needs a make-over and picked this fabulous wallpaper. Sorry hun, but the client comes first!

Victoria has very expensive taste.... love her style!

Samantha sitting pretty.

Checking out the Benjamin Moore showroom samples.

We had a pit stop and sampled Perry's mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Our final visit was to Restoration Hardware's new showroom, the former Ed Hardy building is stunning.... they loved the fountains:

The sleigh seat was a huge hit with the ladies.

Victoria and Emily wanted this bed and looked so tiny next to it.

Jade sitting on Samantha's knee.... sophisticated ladies, they loved this chair.

In the grand entrance at Restoration Hardware

Heading home with lots of samples!


  1. You should check out the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child division - they sell that wing chair in a mini version!

  2. I am shocked that you were able to get anything done with having kids shop with you. This is a first for sure.