Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fred from HR

As you know. I love posting about ArtHaus. Gallery owners, James and Annette represent the most talented artists I've ever seen. I used to think art galleries were a little intimidating and that I couldn't possibly enter because I would not be able to afford anything. This is not the case with ArtHaus, there's always a warm welcome, an educated chat about the artist and a wonderful tour. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

NOW.... what you don't know, and you're really missing out on, is their HR Director, Fred. He's a real charmer and will actually greet you as you enter the gallery! Fred was adopted from the SPCA 7 years ago, and is an avid collector of contemporary art.

7x7 Magazine are having a contest and Fred is in the running....
Please cast your Vote for #13, FRED:

Fred sitting in front Deborah Brown's Hannah Double Portrait - Shelter Dog Series
48"x48", oil on canvas

Fred with artist, Franc D'Ambrosio

Fred with ArtHaus' owner, James Bacchi
Painting in the background is Karyn Scarpulla's Venus of Urbino
24"x30" oil and acrylic on canvas

Fred attending a premiere

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  1. Hi, this is Laura Mason from! We love this blog post, and Fred. Thanks so much for linking us to this!