Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colourful finds from the East Bay!

I guess I won't be snapped up as the next Million Dollar Decorator just yet... especially as I do like a good bargin and I enjoy mxing expensive and less expensive items together, plus it's fun to do!!!

I hadn't been over to Emeryville in ages - so last Saturday I left my gang with Daddy and headed over the Bay Bridge to Ikea!

Just look at the colourful finds.....

Nice for a sunny office.
Fun for a kids room.

Imagine six of these paired with a rustic table... I really love the lines of this chair.

Sweet for a tween bedroom, paired with chocolate brown walls for more sophiscication!

Buy six or seven of these - dotted around the garden to add a little romance!

For fresh flowers picked from aforementioned garden!

Punch of colour for a hallway!

Casual breakfast nook table.

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