Friday, October 30, 2009

My hotel in London

I have to say, Anouska Hempel is one of my design idols. Anouska has two hotels in London: The Hempel and Blakes and also Blakes Amsterdam. Years ago I had the pleasure of eating at Blakes in London and it was amazing.

A few years later I had a wedding party in the private dining room at The Hempel, back then the restaurant was called I-Thai (a mixture of Italian and Thai)... fast forward 12 years and here I am again. I-Thai has closed and a gallery space now takes it's place. There's now a bar (No. 31) and a restaurant (No. 35) - both just off the main reception area.... other than that the hotel remains the same.
Reception area:
The gardens in one of London's many squares:

My bedroom:Bathroom:

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