Monday, June 15, 2009

Fresh flowers and fruit

Whenever I have finished designing a room and everything is in place, I like to do two things; buy my client some gorgeous fresh flowers and finally take my final photos.

I like to add a little of the unexpected too - like placing lemons or cranberries in the bottom of the vase and placing the stems between the fruit. I also like to use oversized vases so that you see the stems.

In the arrangement below, the vivid colour combination of purple, lilac and green is simply stunning. The florist has mixed fresh flowers (roses, chrysanthemums and alliums) with fruit (limes):

This is a great example of showing off the stems - the oversized vases really showcase the stems and draw your eye to the delicate cream roses and gypsophila:

Going back to nature. The driftwood makes a fabulous re-cycled home for the these massed white roses and golden ranunculus:

Sweet peas, another of my favourites - they're just so delicate and pretty... and they smell sooooo good:Some of my flower rules/tips:
1. Use fragrant flowers in hallways and living rooms
2. Non-fragrant flowers should be used in dining rooms - after all, you want to smell the food!
3. Wild flowers in bedrooms - use rustic jugs or a china tea cup
4. Tulips will not wilt if you place a penny in the vase - it works! Honestly...

Let me know your dos and don'ts and/or favourite arranagements.

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