Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Moorish inspirations

I absolutely love Moorish architecture.... the delicately worked lacy wooden and stone carvings are so intricate that it's hard to imagine they were man made starting in the 12th Century with no machines in sight!!!! No computers to measure the correct distances or laser beam cutting machines to slice through the wood or stone. It just amazes me!

It was with the Moorish theme in mind, when I was recently asked to decorate the home of a well-travelled gentleman. I found an amazing black and white treillage fabric and just had to use it on a chaise in the foyer.

I then found the Moroccan hanging lanterns and upright candle holders and used them in the dining area.... this space is actually an enclosed deck, so in the evening the candle-lit lanterns gentle sway in the breeze and cast a romantic glow over guests. It really is stunning as the green and blue glass glint too.

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  1. Thank you for your post on Moorish inspirations. Someday hope to view the Alhambra in Granada Spain. Black and white trellage fabric on sette in Foyer looks great.