Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fulham, London

On my recent trip to London, I just had to make a visit to Fulham - that's where I spent part of my 20s and early 30s and it's a place very close to my heart. I was surrounded by my dear friends in a trendy part of town and I loved every minute of it. To my amazement it had hardly changed after my 12 year absence. Granted, the tube station is completely re-done - no more standing in the cold waiting for the train, it's all inside now! Although, I would normally take the No. 14 bus into town - long gone are the Route Masters (they were the old red London buses where you would jump on the back and the bus conducter would almost certainly be in a mood and would be busy shouting at all his/her customers - a great source of amusement I can tell you).

This was my tiny flat (apartment)... the bottom two windows to the left, above the pink fronted shop. You can see the estate agents next door - they owned the property and it had been decorated by a designer! It had linen cream drapes tied with rope tie-backs, cream wicker sofa, built in cupboards at either side of the fireplace and a dreamy cream bedroom. It was a fabulous find - espeically for me as a want-to-be-designer - which I was back in the day!

The whole area feels like a village... there are loads of delis and cafes. My friends and I would often meet at my place and go off and do a little shopping, have lunch, more shopping and then in the evening the place comes alive with little wine bars and restaurants.

Beautiful cobblestones:

Fulham is also home to many design stores... I will write more about Jane Morris, the owner of this fabulous store:

This is a great second hand store at the corner of Fulham Road and the North End Road. There's also a good fruit and vegetable market on the North End Road on a Saturday:

Lovely Moroccan inspired pieces:
Further down the North End Road are a few trendy restaurant and bars. The Sugar Hut has an Asian inspired menu and the interior is amazing:

One thing us Brits really enjoy is a good Indian curry - I wish I had more time to try out this place. Love the name too - The Bombay Bicycle Club, again on the North End Road:

Finally, back to the Fulham Road... as you head into the center of London, the Fulham Road becomes very grand.... nearer to Sydney Street you will find high end antiques dealers, interior designers, furniture stores and one of my all time favourites Bibendum. If you have read my guest blogs on www.Decorati.com you will know that Terence Conran is one of my all time favourite entrepeurneurs (he owns Bibendum).

This is not design related at all - or maybe it appeals to me architecturally, I just love this graveyard, slap bang in the middle of the Fulham Road..... it reminds me that Fulham was once just a village on the outskirts of town:

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  1. Brings very,VERY fond memories of our days spent living and playing in lovely Fulham. Bombing into town every day on the number 14 bus to work and window shopping all along Knightsbridge from the top deck of the bus.