Friday, November 13, 2009

Introducng Nancy Edwards

I'm really excited to let you in on a secret of mine..... it's Nancy Edwards!!

Nancy is THE most talented photographer. Two of my all time favourites are Annie Lebovitz and Diane Arbus and I think that Nancy is right up there with them! Her photographs and giclees are printed large scale which, you may have noticed, is this seasons interior trend!

Here's a little background:

Nancy Edwards is a Colorado photographer living in Boulder and Beaver Creek. For the past fifteen years she has been making giclee prints from photographs that have been taken around the world. Her studio is in Boulder where she makes her own prints using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and a wide Epson printer with Ultra-chrome inks on canvas.

Her first major exhibit was at the University of Colorado with climber Sir Edmund Hillary in 1991. Nancy had spent a month trekking in Nepal and met Sir Hillary when he came to Boulder just after having returned from one of his frequent visits to his beloved Mt. Everest people the same year.

Landscape photos of France were featured in Betty Lou Phillips book "French by Design" and in 2007 Nancy published her own book "Pier 70 Photomontage", a collection of abstract images made from the broken-glassed warehouses and painted graffiti around the recycling docks of San Francisco. After having spent several years photographing at recycling yards, including the Coors Brewing Company of Colorado, her work appeared in recycling magazines and was featured in brochures of the Environmental Defense Fund.

Nancy's photographs and giclee canvases are in private collections from California to Massachusetts. When she is not travelling with her husband Jim, she loves to ski , play tennis, and sail. She has two sons and three grand-daughters all of whom share August in a CapeCod house on Buzzards Bay.

Here's a sneak peak at Nancy's work:

Can you imagine owning one of these amazing works of art in your own home? Large scale too?
If you would like more information regarding Nancy's photographs, giclees, exhibitions or books then please send me an email ( and I will connect you.


  1. And she's a good mom to boot! Valerie, why did your selection of her favorite photos not include any pictures of Graham and me from the 1970s??

  2. just love the photos and anyone from colorado is ok in my book... since that will always be my home... he he ... love your blog... x pam