Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My local antique store

What designer doesn't like to shop? I really enjoy taking my clients to my favourite stores, especially places where I know they're thinking "what on earth is this place?". There's a local antiques store that I like to use. It can be hit and miss, but last week I found the nicest pieces.

The secret to sourcing pieces is to try and blank out everything around. I think this old cart with it's large wheels would make a fabulous coffee table in a loft:

An intricate line drawing would look so nice in a library or entryway:

Iron dresser, idea for a modern apartment adding extra storage too:

Antique lighting - exquisite for a bedroom:

Re-cover this chair in a high-end fabric and place in a reading corner with a lamp and side table:

Imagine this elegant sofa, paired with the cocktail table below:

Funky art:

Gorgeous starburst mirror:

Beautiful sconce:

Rustic pots:

I can always make time for shopping - let me know if you're interested!

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