Friday, January 8, 2010

Middle Eastern delights

I could kick myself really! When I was living in London, travel was so easy (and cheap!).... You could be in a foreign city within an hour.... Amsterdam, Prague, Paris and even further afield to Thailand, Hong Kong... we Brits do like to travel... but I never went to Morocco!! How could that be? I adore everything from there.... interiors, furniture and cuisine....

Take a look at these wonderful pieces:

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  1. found a weak spot of mine;) I love decor from the entire Middle Eastern area, especially the mother of pearl inlaid Syrian pieces. I have wanted a large one for my bedroom for sometime however they can be incredibly expensive and considering I already have a nice chest in my possession, I haven't made the leap...You are so right about the ease of travel in Europe, the countries are so small and the rails so amazing, it's no worries to take off for a little jaunt...hopefully one day we will have a proper rail system in our country...there is so much irony in that wish? Thanks!


  2. These are gorgeous! I was watching Oprah the other day and there was a feature about women "around the world" and there was a beautiful chest of drawers one of the women in Dubai showed on the show and they were originally used as women's dowries for when they got married. It was stunning and reminded me of the first picture you posted.